I’m a a graphic artist originally from California who has worked on everything from printed graphics, such as comics and ads, to costume design and theater makeup. I joined the U.S. Navy in 2003 and was Honorably discharged in 2008. 


I got married to a fellow sailor while active duty and gave birth to my first son before travelling to Atsugi, Japan. There I started Art school online while finding a new medium in art: Tattooing.  Learning from other artists in Japan and dabbling in self-taught tattooing, I decided that I needed proper training once returning to the states.  In 2010 at the age of 28 I was diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer.  Although putting my education in tattooing on hold, I beat it with a passion! 


In 2013, I moved to Idaho with my family in tow after my spouse was medically discharged from the Navy. I made the decision to pursue my dream of tattooing. However, life challenged me again while I was in the middle of my education. I was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. This time it was stage-4 metastatic breast cancer shortly after giving birth to my second son.


Now being the warrior I am. I am not letting anything stand in my way of my passion and my goal of being a master tattooist.

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